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Head Up Display Install

By Tony Griffitts

Completed GPS Head Up Display (HUD) intall above. This GPS HUD displays your speed on the windshield. It is a good unit for older cars that do not have an ODBII port to pull data from. This HUD unit uses GPS to calculate speed, just like an aftermarket navigation system.

This HUD came with a power cord that has a straight connector. I swapped out the power cord for spare one that I had that had a 90° bend. This allowed me to run the power cord straight to where the window meets the dashboard.

Radio circuit with a 15A fuse

Radio circuit with a 15A fuse, should only be a 10A fuse. Pulled this fuse to install another circuit in the same "Switched" port. This circuit is turned on when the vette is started or in AUX mode.

Circuit splitter

Circuit splitter (Add-A-Circuit) creates two 10A circuits out of one port.  Orange wire on splitter was then soldered into a new wire ran up and over to the center console.

Two port power outlet

Two port power outlet used for the install.

Screw on both sides of the center console

The center gauge bezel needed to be removed to provide access so the power cord could be run up behind the dashboard. The left side front speaker was removed to gain access to the backside of the dashboard. Four screws on the front of the bezel and two screws on both sides underneath the shifter center console need to be removed to take out the gauge bezel. These two screws hold the two bezels together.

Wire connections completed.

Wire from two port power adapter soldered to blue wire and then heat shrink covers the connection.

HUD plugged in to power auxiliary port adapter.

Power for HUD plugged in to power auxiliary port adapter.

Parts List for Project

Part No. Description Qty Price Amount
K132-2 GPS Head-UP Vehicle Speed Display 1 111.31 $111.31
10242 Power Outlet 1 11.85 $11.85
FHA200BP Add-A-Circuit 1 11.85 $11.85
  TOTAL     $135.01